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Da.Ma is a dynamic US ABout present on the market as a manufacturer of filling machines for the beverage sector. Specialized in industrial design and automation.

CO2 laser cutting

We offer CO2 laser cutting service on various materials.

Stainless steel carpentry

Design, Development and Construction of Metallic Structures.
cnc big

Large format cutting WITH 4 AXIS PANTOGRAPH

Processing of large-format slabs carried out with 4-axis cnc pantograph 4000x2000x300.


Thanks to the Siemens Solid Edge 2019 software we are able to design from 0 or based on existing conditions any type of component, structure, mechanism providing a complete service from the simple idea to the finished product.

Laser marking

Fiber laser marking on metals, with contrasting, tone-on-tone or colored finish, with a working area of 300x300 mm we can create from single piece to batches of large quantities that also include progressive numbers, bar codes or other details.


Thanks to the machines in our workshop and to companies we collaborate with, Da.Ma is able to supply mechanical machining parts in a variety of materials. Thanks to the internal design we can make improvements, changes and what the customer requires.

We plan for the future

The best way to always be one step ahead

Our company develops software and hardware for every type of need
Electronic design
Thanks to our decades of experience we can follow the customer step by step, from the realization of the projects to the technical report of the wiring diagrams
Software development
Our company internally develops the entire software, from the machine side user interface to the server side management system


Industrial automation

A machine is not just a frame and components, the software and electronics that allow it to perform the required processes by constantly checking the parameters are the fulcrum for a perfect result. We can develop the necessary software in various development environments, favoring customer requests but we can also propose solutions consolidated in our experience in automation.

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